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The PACE®-R800 rig utilizes technology optimized for drilling automation with NaborsSmartROS™platform. The electric rack and pinion technology enables the precise control of block position required for advanced automation.

With a hoisting capacity of 800 kips and push capability of 66 kips, the PACE®-R800钻机具有永磁电机驱动的八个小齿轮,以提供自动化所需的冗余和精确的控制。

Its robotic electric pipe handler is designed to handle drill pipe and casing from 3-1/2″ to 13-3/8″ without changing grippers. The pipe handler’s weight-sensitive grippers have integrated spinners for best-in-class connection and improved tripping speeds.

The rig’s ground handling system is designed to move activity off the rig floor for safer, man-less operation. Capable of handling casing and drill pipe up to 20 inches, the system features an integrated tool joint cleaning, doping and pipe measurement tool for developing a rig tally.


  • Rack and pinion hoisting system reduces mechanical components likedrawworks, traveling block, crown, deadline anchor, drill line spooler, etc., improving rig-up time and reducing downtime
  • Side-Saddle® substructure optimizes batch drilling by allowing rig to walk over existing wells without handling pipe over wellheads
  • Current hookload capacity rated at 800 kips can be scaled up to 1,000 kips
  • Custom designed pipe handling equipment to handle drill pipe and casing up to 13-3/8”
  • No slip and cut
  • Designed with two-level rig floor; personnel operates the rig from the upper deck, and all operating equipment on the lower deck keeps personnel out of harm’s way
  • Rigline™24/7提供es rig personnel with remote support for optimized drilling performance
  • Equipment condition monitoring available on all equipment to improve rig maintenance
  • A version of the PACE®-R800 rig with hydraulically raised substructure to handle doubles or triples is also available

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