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SmartCRUISE™ with Cruise Control Automatic Driller


SmartCRUISE™ (Previously DrillSmart®)

Nabors' SmartCRUISE™ automatic driller software features patented technology and uses proprietary equations and advanced algorithms that mimic intuitive decision-making by experienced drilling personnel. The result is improved weight on bit (WOP) and delta pressure (DP) control, which can lead to more consistent rate of penetration, less wear on the bit and mud motor and potential elimination of trips.

Self-optimizing algorithms allow the SmartCRUISE™ technology to instantaneously adapt the drilling dynamics of the rig as the geology changes. A combination of physical controls and an intuitive touch-based user interface enables the driller to be productive as soon as the system is installed.

适用的Nmanbetx官网abors SmartCRUISE™系统列加尔dless of well type and features multiple configurations compatible withNabors SmartRig® drilling rigs.

Additionally, the SmartCRUISE™ automatic driller system tightly integrates with the new state-of-the-art SmartROS™ system. When the DrillSmart®automatic driller and SmartCRUISE™ systems are used together, the driller is able to optimize performance without switching between application screens. The operating system uses scripts to drill a stand down, then raise to a predetermined height to set slips or to automate tripping to a pre-determined height with a load.

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