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Rigtelligent® Control System

SmartROS™ (previously named Rigtelligent®)

AllNabors SmartRig®PACE®rigs are equipped with state-of-the-art SmartROS™ to further enhance drilling performance. SmartROS™ controls feature intuitive, icon-based navigation screens that adjust based on current rig activity. Integrated with advanced downhole tools, the control system enables the automation of repetitive tasks and alerts the driller of any potential issues.


  • A user-friendly interface design that resembles mobile device screens
  • Icons that reflect the status of various equipment subsystems and provide the driller with more detailed, equipment-specific information
  • Integration with other downhole technologies for streamlined management
  • Ability to add additional rig services in controls, such as mud logging

Each icon on the SmartROS™ system interface represents a different drilling function. Selecting the top drive icon displays all information related to rotating pipe, including any alerts or notifications the driller should be aware of. The system’s modular design allows more icons to be added in the future.

Drillers can utilize the SmartROS™ system to perform simultaneous tasks that were previously done in sequence. Completing these tasks in parallel reduces non-productive time.

The SmartROS™ system incorporates its own pit volume totalizer (PVT) and electronic drilling recorder (EDR). It also includes equipment condition monitoring and fuel monitoring.

As the driller is tasked to manage more downhole technologies, the system incorporates wiring, sensing and decoding devices that readily integrate with Nabors'downholedirectional drillingtools. The interface also accepts directional telemetry from other directional drilling companies.

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